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How to check if the perfume is authentic?


  1. Look at the packaging

The packaging must be accurate. You have to check the text on the box and the box itself. An authentic perfume have no mistakes in words, grammar and spelling on the box. The cellophane wrapper has to be unwrinkled, high-quality and applied perfectly and no signs of glue. The box should have nice corners and made of high-quality paper. Look for the control numbers, batch number or serial number. Make sure you’ll find one.


  1. Check the perfume bottle

Each perfume is specially and specifically designed and made of high-quality, detailed and unique bottle to make it difficult to copy.  Check the size, form, thickness and clarity of the bottle.  The edges of the cap should be even and the molding is perfect. The bottle should not contain any bubbles or discolorations. The nozzle’s uptake tube should extend to the bottom of the liquid and should not be detached from the head and should not allow air to leak when the nozzle is sprayed.  Check the text and labels in the bottom or sides of the bottle and make sure there are no print errors and the positioning of the text is appropriate for the perfume brand.  Check if any special effects such as embossing, color or etching are present and look professional done and real. Check also if there is bar code or UPC number. It is very important to check the appearance of the liquid in the bottle and it has to be even and transparent.


  1. Check the perfume liquid

It is very important to check the appearance of the liquid in the bottle and it has to be even and transparent. Spray in to your skin and feel with your finger for excessive oiliness which if it is then it is a common sign of a fake perfume. Smell the fragrance! Genuine perfume has three layers: Top notes, Heart notes and Base notes.  This entire layer of notes reaches the nose at the right time.  Fake perfume has only one layer or head notes that smell at first but do not last and fades immediately.


Note how long the fragrance last by their persistence:

Eau de Cologne, up to approximately 2 hours

Eau de Toilette, up to approximately 2 – 3 hours

Eau de Parfum, up to approximately 4 – 6 hours


  1. Check the lot ( control ) number

All genuine or authentic perfumes have a lot number. The placement of the lot number varies on the company and they change it over time as the fragrance houses try to outsmart the counterfeiters.  The lot number has three to four digit numbers which is normally located and etched at the bottom or the side of the bottle and sometimes lightly etched on the sprayer nozzle.  Keep your eye out when you’re looking for this lot number and when you find it, compare it the number that is embossed, printed or lightly etched on the box (packaging) where the bottle was in it.  These two lot numbers should match with each other.